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Haretara-iine is a small inn
surrounded by great nature

"Haretara iine" is a small inn surrounded by great nature.
The hotel is conveniently located approximately an hour and a half from Tokyo, by train.
It is about 20 minutes by car to Karuizawa, a town that John Lennon loved.
Karuizawa bustles with visitors from abroad. You can enjoy family holidays throughout the year surrounded by beautiful nature. It also has easy access to ski resorts.

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    Access & Sightseeing
    • Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

      Karuizawa Prince Shopping Plaza

      Japan's largest outlet shopping mall.
      Approx.90min by car.

    • Karuizawa Toy Kingdom

      Karuizawa Toy Kingdom

      An amusement park which both children and adults can enjoy.
      Approx.40min by car.

    • Saku Ski Garden Parada

      Saku Ski Garden Parada

      Recommended ski areas for families with children.
      Approx.10min by car.

    • Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Area

      Karuizawa Prince Hotel Ski Area

      A ski resort adjacent to the outlet shopping mall.
      Approx.20min by car.

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    Outdoor facilities

    It sounds like a wonderland for children! There are activities which will please inquisitive children, such as a sky deck with a fantastic view, and a flying fox. There is also a barbecue house the whole family can enjoy, and a stone oven where you can make handmade pizza "Summer season only".

    About us
    Outdoor facilities
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    Guest room

    There are five types of rooms. The main building has three types of rooms, including western style rooms, Japanese style rooms, and a large room. Private cottages in the mountains have guest rooms with a kitchen, with Japanese-style and Western-style rooms. Choose the style that fits your stay. All rooms are non-smoking.

    Guest room
    Guest room
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    There are two spacious public baths with lovely views in the hotel building. You can reserve them as a group and enjoy taking a bath. From the windows, you can see great views of the Yatsugatake mountains and night views of Sakudaira. With antimicrobial/waterproof tatami flooring, the washing area gives a sense of cleanliness, and you won't slip, giving you peace of mind for small children.
    ※They can be reserved for 40 minutes per group. They cannot be reserved in advance.
    ※The baths do not contain hot spring minerals or elements.

    Cuisine & Bath
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    Meals include substantial dishes featuring plenty of fresh vegetables. We can provide meals and baby food in accordance with the age of your child. Both morning and evening meals are served in the bright, spacious dining room. There is a kids' area in the dining room, and you can relax and enjoy your meal while keeping an eye on your child.

    Cuisine & Bath
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    About us
    • Dining


      Both morning and evening meals are served in the bright, spacious dining room. There is a kids' area in the dining room, you can relax and enjoy your meal with peace of mind while keeping an eye on your child.

    • Small kitchen

      Small kitchen

      It is also convenient for washing baby bottles and making baby food.

    • Laundry


      You can play to your heart's content outside, and don't need to worry even if you get your clothes dirty.

    • Conversation corner

      Conversation corner

      Spend time relaxing and reading story books and comics.

    • Wood stove

      Wood stove

      Even just looking at a genuine wood stove is soothing. Stay warm in winter with its gentle heat.

    • Amenity


      You can travel light, even if you're coming with children. We provide monk's working clothes, which are also popular as ninja costumes, bath towels, face towels, tooth brush sets, and disposable Japanese socks.

  • from Narita International Airport

  • from Tokyo Station

  • from Nagoya Station

  • from Kanazawa Station

  • Access from station

    Access from station

    We request guests to come by car from the station. We do not provide any transfers.
    ByTaxi:Just 5 minutes from Miyota station / 20 minutes from Karuizawa Station(This does not take traffic congestion into account.)
    Car rental:JR train station rental cars Karuizawa Station